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Why consider Bluephage’s Additional & Individual materials when performing ISO 10705-2 and ISO 10705-3 analysis?

Sep 28, 2023

One of the critical aspects of coliphage testing is the availability of media and reagents that meet the rigorous ISO standards. This is where Bluephage’s additional products come into play.

Accuracy and efficiency are paramount when performing ISO tests to analyze coliphages in laboratories. If your laboratory has experience performing ISO 10705-2 and ISO 10705-3 or has just started, Bluephage can offer you a solution to improve your processes and results. 

Why consider Bluephage’s Additional & Individual materials when performing ISO 10705-2 and ISO 10705-3 analysis?

  • Calibrated Working Culture: Our offering includes a ready-to-use calibrated working culture of the host strain. This eliminates the need to prepare and calibrate your own culture, which saves time and ensures consistency in your analyses.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Preparing specific culture media and agar plates for the double agar layer assay (DAL) according to ISO 10705-2 is a laborious and time-consuming process. Bluephage provides you with ready-to-use culture media, allowing you to save valuable time and reduce costs associated with in-house preparation.
  • Quality Assurance: Bluephage products meet the most rigorous quality standards. This means you can rely on the consistency and accuracy of your test results, which is essential for meeting ISO requirements.
  • Focus on Sample Concentration: For the membrane filtration process, according to ISO 10705-3, Annex A.2, Bluephage offers products that have been developed specifically for the concentration of samples with low levels of somatic coliphages. This is essential for accurate results in situations where samples may be scarce.


ssMSA Prepared (100mL): Our ssMSA Prepared is designed specifically for your coliphage testing needs. This ready-to-use solution eliminates preparation and calibration, saving you time and ensuring accurate results.

MSB Prepared (50mL): Bluephage MSB Prepared is essential for your ISO testing. By choosing this product, you benefit from the convenience of having a calibrated, ready-to-use solution, improving your analysis’s efficiency.

90mm plates with MSA Layer: Our 90mm agar plates already contain an MSA layer, which facilitates the preparation and execution of double agar layer assays (DAL) according to ISO 10705-2. This reduces the margin of error and ensures accuracy in your results.

Eluting Solution for membrane filtration process (ISO 10705-3): We offer a ready-to-use eluting solution for the membrane filtration process according to ISO 10705-3. This solution eliminates the need to prepare your own eluent, which significantly simplifies the process and improves the consistency of your analysis.

Caixa 20 plaques
Bluephage 1604 Labaqua comparasion report

Bluephage ISO Easy Kits

Our specially crafted ISO Easy Kits (BP1601 and BP1604) are designed to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming process of the standardized ISO 10705-2 protocol for the detection and enumeration of both somatic and F-specific coliphages.

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