FAQs Bluephage Cloud

1.- How to take the photograph?

The photographs are crucial to obtain an accurate result. To make a good read of the photographs follow these steps:

    1. Take the photos in a luminous environment but avoiding the appearance of brightness in the try.
    2. Avoid to give shade to the try when you are going to take the picture.
    3. Use a black background to take the picture.
    4. Be sure that there is no brightness in the corners of the wells.
    5. Focus the image in the way that the tray coincides with the margins that appear in the outline of the mobile screen, being sure that the QR code is read well. Then take the photograph.

2. How I know that I have to repeat another photo?

If no color change is detected in the tray or the photo is blurry, a message will appear in the application. It will be necessary to repeat the photograph following the previous steps.

3.- Phone compatibility

The versions of the APP are available in the latest versions of the software (operating system) of the different phones. Try to have the App updated.

4.- Acces to the web

On the web platform https://dev-console.bluephage.com/ , you can manage your users, test results, and download information.

5.- User registration

User management is only available for master type users and administrators.

How do I register a user?

    • Using the “Create User” button, a new user can be generated for the platform by filling in the basic data, the new user will automatically receive access via email.
    • To create master type users, it will be necessary to enter an ID number.

How can I link users?

  • As a master user:
    • Using the “Link User” button, a relationship can be created between an existing user and the master user so that the latter can view the samples and information of the former.

6.- App updates

The App may have improvements and new versions. Visit the Google/Apple store if you don’t have automated downloads in order to have the latest version of the App.

7. What to do with the trays once used?

Enumera trays must be disposed of in accordance with good laboratory practices and in compliance with national and international environmental health and safety regulations.

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