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Bluephage’s 7th Anniversary Milestone: Unveiling the Enumera Quantitative Rapid Kit and Navigating the Future of Water Quality with CEO Enric Queralt

Nov 16, 2023

An exclusive interview with Enric Queralt, the CEO of Bluephage, delve into the intricate development process of this innovative kit, exploring its potential implications in the global fight against water scarcity and understanding the strategic roadmap for its widespread adoption.

The Rapid Enumerative Quantitative Coliphage Test Kit looks like a game changer in water quality testing. Can you give us an idea of how this innovation will impact the fight against water scarcity and the safety of water sources worldwide?

I would like to emphasize that the development of this groundbreaking product has resulted from many years of research and innovation. Microbiological innovation is challenging, but our team has successfully improved the turnaround time of microbiological incubation tests. This kit enables same-day detection of fecal contamination without requiring expertise in the field. Our primary objective was to simplify microbiological analysis, and we have achieved it. Microbiological control of water is always crucial, particularly when water is scarce and a large volume of water is reused.

As the CEO, you have been instrumental in helping Bluephage achieve this milestone. How do you anticipate the market’s response to the new test kit, and what strategies has Bluephage implemented to ensure its wide adoption?

As a startup, reaching the milestone of bringing a product to market is a significant achievement, but it’s equally important to focus on selling it. It’s similar to how a person’s accomplishment is not just writing a book or planting a tree but also getting people to read it and ensuring that the tree survives. For our product, we already knew that there was a demand in the market, and we are confident that it will continue to grow because it simplifies people’s work. However, the unknown factor is the speed at which the demand will increase and how soon we will receive approval from local health administrations, as certain countries require specific validation studies or equivalence with standard methods.

Effective partnership-building is imperative in the biotech industry. Could you please clarify the collaborations or partnerships that Bluephage is currently exploring to enhance the accessibility of the coliphage Rapid Quantitative Enumerative Kit and contribute to water quality management initiatives on a larger scale?

Bluephage is a company committed to the Catalan Water Partnership, which aims to enhance the competitiveness of its partners. This year, we have participated in joint missions with other cluster members to various countries such as Singapore, Morocco, Tunisia, Australia, the United States, and Amsterdam. In the coming year, we plan to continue with the same momentum at the international level as our company’s growth depends on the global market.

On the international front, we are a part of Water Europe, a platform that fosters innovation in the water sector, and we actively participate in the water and health working group. Locally, we are a member of the Tech Barcelona association, which supports and promotes Barcelona’s digital and technological ecosystem.

Looking ahead, what is Bluephage’s strategy to continue innovating in the water quality testing sector? Are there other areas within the industry that the company is exploring for possible innovative solutions, given the evolving challenges in water management worldwide?

We are committed to innovating further in microbiological water analysis and expanding our product range. Our collaboration with the University of Barcelona is ongoing, and we are continuously researching new products. Presently, we are developing a new kit for a different microbiological analytical parameter that we plan to launch next year. Our aim is to gradually increase our product portfolio to meet the needs of our customers.

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