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Bluephage launches the Qualitative Rapid Kit, a patented technology for detecting coliphages in less than 6.5h

Mar 7, 2022

A new approach to water analysis that will revolutionize the way the world monitors water quality, making it the closest technique to real-time monitoring.

Nuria Guilera

We interviewed Núria Guilera Grandes, Commercial Director at Bluephage, on the occasion of the international market launch of the Bluephage Qualitative Rapid Kit, a technological innovation patented by the company to accelerate to 6.5h the time to analyse the microbial quality of water.

We spoke with Guilera about how the Bluephage Qualitative Rapid Kit, an innovative and disruptive technology for coliphage detection, can support water industry professionals all the way to a revolution in transforming and upgrading their laboratories, providing them with the necessary elements for a new approach to water analysis that will revolutionize the way the world monitors water quality, making it the closest technique to real-time monitoring.

Can you tell us about your professional experience and how this knowledge adds value to Bluephage’s business strategy?

After more than five years as a laboratory director in two different companies and three years as managing director of one of the largest water testing laboratories in the UK, what you learn the most is to understand the operations in that kind of environment and the quality methodologies. Bluephage’s customers are water laboratories worldwide, trying to provide the best possible service. Knowing their needs and policies is key to the company’s future growth.

Bluephage Qualitative Rapid Kit technology aims to revolutionize the market by delivering results in less than 6.5h.

In addition to speed, what other aspects of the product would you highlight for lab technicians who have to work with it on a daily basis?

I would say that one of the best attributes of the kit is how easy it is to handle and perform the analysis, since in less than 20 minutes of work, and with only three different containers/consumables, the analysis is done, compared to the standard process that could take at least 1 h using 12 different materials plus consumables.

With this technology patented by the University of Barcelona, Bluephage offers a solution to combat the water crisis.

Is the Rapid Kit a product that can be used in any type of water?

Yes, one of the most significant features of the kit is its versatility of use. The product can be used in all types of water, including seawater; however, it is recommended to dilute the sample. This kit has been designed to analyse samples with coliphage concentrations between 0 and 1000 pfu/100mL.

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Is the Rapid Kit a product that a laboratory person can use without specialized training in standard coliphage detection methods?

Yes, as long as the user has been trained in the fundamentals of microbiology, such as aseptic techniques. Using the Bluephage Rapid Kit, anyone with a minimum knowledge of working in a laboratory will master coliphage analysis.

More and more international regulations point to coliphages as the best indicators of water fecal and viral contamination.

How do you advise your customers on using Bluephage Easy and Rapid kits?

The scientific community has defined coliphages as faecal and viral contamination indicators. Until now, all water quality assessment has been carried out using bacterial indicators. However, these indicators cannot detect the presence of viral pathogens, and coliphages can. And this is important, as, over the last 20 years, there have been more than 30,000 cases of viral outbreaks in bacteriologically safe water. These numbers will be reduced by testing for coliphages in water.

Bluephage Qualitative Rapid Kit
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