Bluephage Easy Kits products for ISO or US-EPA analysis are a ready-to-use solution for standard methods to save time in the analysis process and get results at record speed.   

Bluephage is a reference company in the biotechnology sector specializing in microbiological water analysis products to offer safe water for a better world.

For more than three decades, the MARS group at the University of Barcelona has been studying bacteriophages as indicators of the microbiological quality of water, since detecting coliphages as a viral indicator allows the detection of other pathogenic viruses that may appear in the environment but in lower concentrations. Thus, monitoring this viral indicator can prevent some diseases related to human viruses.

Standardized methods for coliphage detection have been available for more than 30 years, with ISO and US-EPA being the most widely adopted internationally. Now, at Bluephage, we have simplified and accelerated the coliphage enumeration process with our product line.

ISO 10705-2 specifies a method for detecting and quantifying somatic coliphages, respectively. According to ISO methods, the Bluephage product portfolio consists of an all-in-one kit, prepared biological material, and powdered media to save time and resources for coliphage enumeration.

Bluephage BP 1601 Somatic coliphage enumeration Advanced kit, according to ISO 10705-2 method

ISO Easy Kit

  • Our Somatic coliphage enumeration specially developed Easy Kit is designed to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming process of standardized ISO protocols for somatic coliphage detection and enumeration.
  • This detection and enumeration kit is based on ISO 10705-2. It contains all consumables and biological material necessary to perform the analysis, including lyophilized host cells specific for the somatic coliphage group ready for use after 120 minutes of incubation.
  • This all-in-one and ready-to-use kit can be applied to raw and treated wastewater, surface water, recreational water, shellfish extracts, sediment, and sludge extracts after dilution as needed.

The kit includes:

  • Samples volume of 1 mL,
  • 70 assays  
  • Ready-to-use MSA and MSB
  • Strain and positive control

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