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Marc Dot joins the Bluephage Revolution

Mar 16, 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Marc Dot has joined the Bluephage Revolution as a board member! We strongly believe that his relevant experience advising high-growth companies will bring us a lot of value in the upcoming and promising years. Welcome on board!

You advise companies focused on growth and transformation. What growth potential do you foresee for Bluephage in the context of the water crisis? 

With the current and future context of water as a scarce commodity that needs to be controlled effectively and quickly, Bluephage’s value proposition in the market is increasingly valuable, and its adoption will accelerate. Therefore, we must succeed in industrializing in the coming years to respond to a growing demand.

What do you see as Bluephage’s added value for the water sector, which needs faster and more effective solutions to prevent waterborne diseases? 

The added value is “being the first” to provide an answer to this need that is easy, fast, innovative, and works. Bluephage would not be where it is today without the years of work and experience of its superb and renowned scientific team.

How do you interpret that some regions of the world still do not consider viruses as better indicators of microbial water quality, and how can Bluephage help spread the message to increase knowledge in this regard?

As the coliphage market becomes more established in Europe and other countries, these regions that have not adopted this type of monitoring will also start to include it. There is a certain mimicry in markets, and when a product provides a clear answer to a need in one region, it is easier for it to expand to other areas of the world.

How do you see the market for rapid environmental testing for public health safety in five years, and how do you think products like Bluephage can fit in?

The market for rapid environmental testing has a global growth forecast of 6.5%, and here we can distinguish between the established surveillance market and the new market involving the analysis of new parameters. This second market, in which Bluephage is positioned, has the greatest traction and attractiveness in the coming years.

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