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12. BLUEPHAGE, S.L. (hereinafter and jointly, “BLUEPHAGE, S.L.”, “we”, “us” or “ours”), is a biotechnology company launched as a spinoff in 2016 from the University of Barcelona (Spain) that specializes in environmental testing solutions.

We deem the privacy of persons to be important, which includes both visitors to our website (hereinafter, the “Website”), and any other affected persons who provide us with information through the same, whose data are processed by BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  as a part of providing services (hereinafter and jointly, “you” or the “user(s)”). In this regard, BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  undertakes to process your data in accordance with personal data protection regulations that are applicable and in force at any given time. Specifically, BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  will comply with the provisions set forth in the Spanish Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and the guarantee of digital rights; with the provisions set forth in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC; and with the provisions set forth in any other correlated regulations that may be applicable and in force at any given time.

Upon using our website, a user confirms having read and accepted this Privacy Policy and our Legal Notice.

Consequently, BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  reports its Privacy Policy in order to make users aware of the processing of their data and of the fundamental principles on personal data protection that it applies. For this purpose, consult the sections listed below:


01. Who is the controller of your data?

Identity of the Data Controller: BLUEPHAGE, S.L.

VAT number: B-66887977

Address: Carrer Gavà, 4, P.2 PTA 2, El Prat de Llobregat, 08820, Barcelona

Telephone: [***]


02. What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

  • Right to request access to personal data:you may ask BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  if it is processing your data, and if it is, you may have access to the same.
  • Right to request that data be rectified if they are inaccurate or that data be completed if they are incomplete.
  • Right to request the erasure of your data.
  • Right to request the restriction of processing: in this case, we will only keep data for exercising or defending against claims.
  • Right to object to processingBLUEPHAGE, S.L. will cease to process personal data, unless they must continue to be processed for legitimate reasons or for exercising or defending against possible claims.
  • Right to the portability of data: in the event that a user would like for their data to be processed by another data controller, BLUEPHAGE, S.L. will facilitate the transfer of their data to the new controller.
  • Right to not be the object of automated decision-making regarding your personal data.

If you had given your consent for any specific purpose, you may withdraw that consent whenever you wish, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent prior to withdrawal.

To exercise your rights, please send written notice to BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  located at Carrer Gavà, 4, P.2 PTA 2, El Prat de Llobregat, 08820, Barcelona, thereby indicating your full name and address, or send us an e-mail at

If there are any doubts about your identity, it may be necessary to include a photocopy of your ID (National Identity Document) or a legally equivalent document that proves your identity. You can therefore use the models and forms for exercising different rights that are available through the Spanish Data Protection Agency on its official web page (

We hereby inform you of your right to file a claim before the Control Authority, specifically the Spanish Data Protection Agency (, and before all other public bodies that may hold jurisdiction over any claim derived from your personal data.


03. How do we collect personal data about you and what type is it?

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (like you), such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address.

The personal data you provide us will come from our Website forms that you fill in or from contacting us through our available email(s) account(s).

The data is being processed when you’re interacting with us and our representatives; when you participate or request for participation in our activities, such as the provision of services; when you interact or fill in our forms.

Our Website has contact forms for (1) dealers, (2) clients or potential clients, and (3) to register for training. On these contact forms we collect information regarding the company and it’s contact details, also we collect identification data of the contact person.

We will not collect or process any special categories of personal data (data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic or biometric data, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation), unless users have explicitly provided it to us.


04. What are the main purposes for processing your data?

We inform you that the personal data you provide us will be recorded in our Record of Processing Activities, being your data used for the following purposes:

Handling and managing requests, questions and consultations that you may make;

Provide you our services in compliance with the Legal Notice;

Personalize and improve the tools and functionalities of the Website, as well as to guarantee the technical functioning of it.

Provide you our services in compliance with the terms of use of the Website and the particular conditions of certain services.

Use them for any other purpose required or permitted by the law or for which you have given us your consent.

When you’re a dealer and you send us information through the contact form, we will use your personal data to manage your requests, questions and consultations by contacting you and, where appropriate, manage your transition to be one of our dealers.

When you’re a client or potential client and you send us information through the contact form, we will use your personal data to manage your requests, questions and consultations by contacting you with the purpose of giving you an answer and/or sending you any information requested by you. We may also use it in order to handle any possible orders or managing the contact with a dealer. If you have

When the contact is made through the contact form in order to register for training, we will process the personal data provided with the purpose of managing the registration and facilitate the participation of the person registered to the training. The information regarding the person registered to the training can be entered by third parties, normally by the person’s employer when there is an employment relationship.

05. What is the legal basis for processing your data?

BLUEPHAGE, S.L. may process your personal data on the following legal basis: (a) you’ve given us your consent; (b) it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  is subject; (c) it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you’re a party; and (d) it’s necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by BLUEPHAGE, S.L.

06. How long do we store your data?

BLUEPHAGE, S.L. will process your personal data during the necessary period to comply with the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, as well as to keep your personal information in compliance with the provision of the applicable law and regulations, especially in relation to the legal statute of limitations. This means:

  • Ifyou’re a dealer or a client and you contact us for consultation, we will store your data as long as it takes us to contact and respond your request/question.
  • If you’re a dealer and a distributor relationship is formed; the retention period shall be governed by the provisions set in the distribution contract.
  • If you become a client because we’ve managed your order, the retention period will be linked to the duration of the relationship.
  • When there’s training, we will retain the data as long as it takes us to provide and manage the training.

Our retention criteria is determined by:

  • The purpose of the collected data and the fulfilment of it.
  • The reasons why the data is collected: e.g. if the lawfulness of processing is your consent, you can withdraw it at any time.
  • Obligatory retention periods according to contractual and/or regulatory requirements.

Please, bear in mind that in some cases BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  will retain your data during the necessary period for formulating, exercising or defending claims and legal obligations, during which time the data will be duly blocked.


07. Personal data from third parties:

When the contact is made in order to register for the training we offer, the personal data of other natural persons, which due to training purposes you’re disclosing to us, the discloser must previously inform said persons of said processing. Meaning, if you’re a company and you’re entering and disclosing personal data regarding your employers due to training purposes, you guarantee to be entitled to process and disclose they personal data, and having previously informed said persons of said processing,

08. Who could be the recipients of the communication of data?

We hereby inform you that we will never transfer to or exchange your personal data with third parties without your express consent. Nevertheless, your data could be transferred to:

Authorized BLUEPHAGE, S.L. personnel or their representatives acting on behalf of BLUEPHAGE, S.L. always being subject to the applicable data protection regulation.

Competent bodies and/or authorities in cases in which there is a legal obligation to do so.

Suppliers and/or outside service providers, with whom we have signed the legally required contracts according to which compliance with personal data protection legislation is guaranteed, in addition to their obligations as data processors.

Intra-group transfers: On the basis of the proper functioning of the corporate group and based on the legitimate interest pursued by all the entities of BLUEPHAGE, S.L. it is necessary to transmit personal data within the corporate group for internal administrative purposes, which may include your personal data.


09. Links

The Website could contain links to other web pages. Keep in mind that we are not liable for the privacy and data processing of other web pages. This Privacy Policy is applicable solely to the information that is gathered on this Website. We recommend that you read the privacy and data processing policies of any other web pages that you may connect to from our Website or that you may otherwise visit.


10. How do we protect your personal data?

In order to ensure information security, BLUEPHAGE, S.L. has implemented different technical and organizational measures to ensure the appropriate security level in compliance with the applicable regulations. BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  shall implement appropriate technical and organizational measures, both when designing the data processing system and at the time of the processing itself, to maintain security and prevent unauthorized processing. Nevertheless, users must be aware that, in the Internet environment, invulnerable security measures do not exist. BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  isn’t responsible for the actions of any third parties who, in breach of these measures, access the aforementioned data and information.


11. Confidentiality

The professionals working at BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  and who have any type of intervention in the services provided to the user, are committed not to disclose or make use of the information they have accessed. The information provided by the user will, in any case, be considered confidential, and may not be used for purposes other than those related to the management of their requests and the services contracted with BLUEPHAGE, S.L., if any. BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  undertakes not to disclose or reveal information about the user’s claims, the reasons for the requested advice or the duration of the relationship with the user.


12. Social networks

BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  is present on some of the main social networks on the Internet, for which it acts as the data controller in relation to the data published by BLUEPHAGE, S.L.

BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  will process the data on each social network according to the rules established for such purpose by each social network. Therefore, and unless otherwise stated, BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  may inform its followers on the corresponding social network about its activities, events and other related subjects, including follower services, therefore using the channels that the social network provides for such purpose.

BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  will not gather personal data from social networks, unless a user gives us their express consent.


13. Direct marketing

We do not use your personal data for direct marketing purposes without your prior, express consent.

If you have given us your consent and you want to stop receiving commercial or promotional information from us, you may, at any time, at no charge and without having to provide a justification, unsubscribe from direct marketing campaigns and object to future processing of your personal data for such purposes by sending us an email to or by clicking on the “opt-out” (unsubscribe) button from any of our commercial or promotional e-mails.

Please note that even if you choose not to subscribe or unsubscribe from our promotional/commercial emails or newsletters we may still need to contact you regarding important non-commercial information to comply with the Legal Notice and/or the Website Terms and Conditions.


14. Child policy

The Website isn’t designed for or directed at children under the age of eighteen (18), without permission from a parent or a legal guardian. BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  doesn’t knowingly collect information from children under the age of eighteen. If as a parent or legal guardian you believe that your children have submitted personal information to us without your consent, please contact us at

14. Modifications to and the integrity of our Privacy Policy

We will only use your personal data in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Privacy Policy that is in force at the time when we obtain your personal data. BLUEPHAGE, S.L.  reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Such modifications will be published on our website, and we therefore recommend that you consult the policy whenever you visit the website. If, at any time, we decide to use personal data in a manner other than what was stated when such data were obtained, we will inform you via e-mail, as long as we have your e-mail address. At that time, you will be given the option to authorize other uses or disclosures of the personal data that you had provided to use before the modification of our Privacy Policy.

If any clause of this Privacy Policy were cancelled or deemed to be void, all the other conditions will not be affected and will continue to be in full force and effect, in accordance with applicable legislation in force at any given time.

Date of last update: February 2021.

Legal notice

Product warranty This product has been designed for enumeration of somatic coliphages, and its performance is guaranteed in the manner described in this brochure. The purchaser must determine the suitability of the product for its particular use. Bluephage rejects any implicit warranty for any other use or adaptation to particular purposes. No other licence is granted expressly, impliedly, or by estoppel. In no event shall Bluephage be liable for incidental, special, multiple or consequential losses or damages in connection with or arising from the purchase or use of this product. Should any product fail to perform satisfactorily due to any reason other than misuse, it will be replaced. Note to purchaser The use of any bacterial or bacteriophage strains included in Bluephage products (the “Biological Materials”) for any non-authorised commercial purpose is not allowed. The reproduction of the Biological Materials either for internal and external use is strictly forbidden. For avoidance of doubt, “commercial purposes” means any licence, lease, sale, resale, repackaging, export, transfer or any other distribution of the Biological Materials, either solely or in combination with other commercial products manufactured without the written approval of Bluephage. The purchase of this product does not grant a licence to the technology contained in the product. Upon request, Bluephage may enter into a material transfer agreement (MTA) or a licence agreement (i) for commercial purposes or (ii) in order to supply research materials for the benefit of the scientific community. Bluephage is a trademark of Bluephage, S.L. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. This document is believed to be complete and accurate at the time of publication.
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