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A growing interest in coliphage surveillance in the last decade. Regulations and guidelines of the previous ten year

Aug 27, 2021

Coliphages are among several groups of bacteriophages that have been suggested as indicators in water quality assessment. 

As a result, more than four countries and all European Union states have issued regulations and guidelines to monitor coliphages as viral indicators in different water uses and biosolids in the last decade.
Regulations and guidelines, as well as some publications suggesting monitoring of coliphages, refer to these types of water uses:

Groundwater regulations 
Recreational water
Drinking water,
Reclaimed water,
Integrity and UV membranes
Direct potable water reuse

Countries such as the United States present a broad interest in analyzing coliphages in different water uses, promoted by the US EPA, Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.
At the end of 2020, the European Commission has issued the new Drinking Water Directive, which argues the need to control the presence of coliphages to ensure the safety of drinking water, and in recent months, France has approved a new regulation on the analysis of coliphages in biosolids.
The World Health Organization suggests since 2017 to control coliphages in Drinking Water and Direct Potable reuse of water.


Visit Bluephage’s interactive map to find all national and international regulations requiring coliphage testing.



International Map of Coliphages Regulations
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