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Bluephage Leads Water Safety Innovation Through R&D, Strategic Partnerships, and Market Adaptation

Jul 4, 2024

Interview with Nuria Guilera, Commercial Director of Bluephage, about her visit to the Singapore International Water Week.

Last June 18th, you were at the Singapore International Water Week. How was your overall experience of the congress?

Singapore International Water Week was an amazing experience. It provided a platform for meaningful interactions with industry leaders and innovators. The diversity of exhibitors and attendees highlighted the global nature of water-related challenges and solutions.

What were some of the most notable trends or innovations you observed at the show?

One notable trend was the increasing emphasis on digitization and smart water management solutions. Innovations in IoT, AI and data analytics are transforming the way we monitor and manage water resources. In addition, there was a lot of interest in sustainable and circular water use technologies.

Were there any particular presentations or exhibits that caught your attention?

Yes, several presentations on advanced filtration technologies and decentralized water treatment solutions were particularly impressive. These innovations have the potential to greatly improve water quality and accessibility, especially in underserved regions.

Could you share some of the key technical innovations in the water industry that caught your attention during the show?

Beyond digital solutions, I was impressed by advances in membrane technology for water purification and the development of bio-based filtration systems. These innovations promise greater efficiency and lower environmental impact compared to traditional methods.

How do you think these innovations will influence the global water market in the coming years?

These innovations will likely drive significant improvements in water treatment efficiency and sustainability. As these technologies become more affordable and scalable, we can expect to see wider adoption around the world, improving access and water quality on a global scale.

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Can you tell us about the Bluephage Enumera Rapid Kit that you presented at the show?

A: The Bluephage Enumera Rapid Kit is designed for rapid detection of bacteriophages in water, providing a reliable indicator of viral contamination. It provides rapid results, which is crucial for timely water safety assessment and decision making.

How was the response from attendees and other industry professionals to your presentation?

Attendees appreciated the kit’s speed and accuracy, which are critical for both routine monitoring and emergency situations. They also highlighted the importance of its user-friendly design and the ability to significantly reduce the time required to test water. Some attendees also suggested potential applications beyond water, such as food safety and environmental monitoring.

How does Bluephage plan to stay ahead in the competitive water industry landscape?

By investing in R&D, fostering collaboration with academic and industry partners and adapting to market needs, Bluephage aims to stay at the forefront of water safety innovation. We are also committed to sustainability, ensuring that our products contribute positively to environmental health.

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