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Bluephage mission to improve water safety in Africa in collaboration with the Catalan Water Partnership and AEWEN

Dec 21, 2023

Dakar, 4th to 6th of July 2023 – 22 European companies participated in the business mission which was organised by the AEWEN and ESECA partnerships. 

Bluephage, a prominent company focusing on water safety technology, began a mission in 2023 to introduce its innovative solutions for detecting faecal and viral contamination in water to three African countries – Senegal, Tunisia, and Morocco. The Catalan Water Partnership (CWP), Catalonia’s water cluster, made this initiative possible.

The mission was part of the AEWEN project, a strategic effort backed by four European clusters specializing in energy and water. The primary objective of AEWEN is to create a collective internationalization strategy that will help SMEs expand their businesses in Africa, focusing on Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia.

Núria Guilera Grandes, Commercial Director of Bluephage, played a key role during these missions. She took the opportunity to meet with prominent professionals from water analysis and environmental testing laboratories in the countries visited. Núria presented Bluephage’s cutting-edge solutions for promptly detecting and enumeration coliphages, which are non-pathogenic viruses that indicate viral and faecal contamination in water.

The water industry in Africa is faced with several challenges and opportunities. One of the main challenges is that safe drinking water and basic sanitation services are still lacking in many regions of Africa. There are also significant differences between urban and rural areas, with many rural communities still lacking adequate water services. Furthermore, some regions are experiencing water security crises due to drought, which affects water availability.

The primary difficulties faced are inadequate water supply infrastructure and insufficient wastewater treatment facilities, leading to various health. Additionally, unpredictable climate patterns, such as frequent droughts or extreme rainfall events, affect water availability. The lack of financial resources makes enhancing and expanding water infrastructure challenging to meet the increasing demand.

Some creative solutions can be put into action to improve water management and response during emergencies. One of these solutions is to use mobile technologies for monitoring and managing water resources efficiently. Additionally, using renewable energy sources for water treatment processes can enhance sustainability.

There is a need for education and awareness of sustainable water management in Africa and investment in technology development specific to the region.

Bluephage, as a member of the Catalan Water Partnership, works towards building long-term strategic relationships with local water stakeholders in Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia. This initiative is in line with the AEWEN project’s objective of promoting innovation to address the increasing need for sustainable energy and water solutions in African nations.

Xavier Amores Bravo, the Director of the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP), stated that these missions aim to explore the African renewable energy, smart grid, and water markets in more detail, while promoting cooperation between European and African businesses. There is a shared interest in innovation projects, technology transfer, and sustainable initiatives considering economic and social environments.

Bluephage’s participation in these missions highlights its dedication to ensuring quality, sustainability and forming strategic partnerships that will advance water security on the African continent. Bluephage is grateful to the AEWEN project, The Catalan Water Partnership, and all involved parties for their warm hospitality and looks forward to future collaborations that will contribute to excellence in the water sector.

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