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Bluephage will be exhibiting at IFAT in Munich, the leading trade fair for environmental technologies, from 30 May to 3 June

May 2, 2022

  • Bluephage will present the Qualitative Rapid Kit for coliphage detection at the world’s leading trade fair for water, wastewater, waste, and raw materials management.
  • The Bluephage delegation will also visit the Munich fair to learn about the distribution network in the German market to introduce Bluephage solutions to leading national water testing laboratories.
  • Bluephage will be present at booth 204 hall B2

Barcelona, May 2nd, 2022 –  Bluephage is a biotech company founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the University of Barcelona to commercialise Rapid and Easy to Use Kits for the detection of viral and faecal contamination in water, to increase the sanitary safety of water, and facilitate the adaptation of water testing laboratories to the new European Drinking Water Directive, which from the beginning of 2021 requires the analysis of coliphages. Water-free of coliphages, non-pathogenic viruses affecting bacteria, is considered pathogen-free and, more importantly, safe drinking water. 

“We aim to make a positive contribution to the global water crisis with our initiative to increase the sanitary quality of water both in Europe, with the implementation of the new Drinking Water Directive, and in the rest of the world. From 2021, we are proud to have achieved BCorp status, which recognises and reinforces our mission to provide Safe Water for a Better World,” comments Enric Queralt Creus, CEO of Bluephage.

During IFAT Munich, Bluephage will present the Qualitative Rapid Kit, its patented, innovative and disruptive technology for coliphage detection that helps water industry professionals upgrade their laboratories by detecting coliphages in as little as 6 hours, as opposed to standardised ISO and US-EPA methods that require more time, dedication and staff training, ultimately resulting in high costs.

Qualitative Rapid Kit

“Testing at the water source in a record time of 6 hours is critical in a global context where rapid testing can save lives. The Bluephage Qualitative Rapid Kit means a true revolution in the water industry, and we are confident that it will help update the way routine water testing is performed.” So affirms Núria Guilera Grandes, Commercial Director of Bluephage.

Bluephage’s mission and product portfolio respond to the central theme of this year’s IFAT in Munich, the sustainable use of resources and thus climate protection. In addition, the presentation of Bluephage’s environmental technology is expected to arouse market interest and gain a distributor to help the company enter the German market.

Facts from The World Health Organization:

  1. 6 billion people lack safe toilets globally. Untreated human waste degrades ecosystems and human health.
  2. 2 billion people lack safe drinking-water globally. Protect water sources by preventing sewage, waste and chemicals from entering our lakes, rivers, or groundwater.
  3. 829 000 people die from diarrhoeal disease every year caused by polluted water and poor sanitation.
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